Services Provided

I offer individual art therapy, or “therapy” sessions for adults and teens. These sessions are insight-oriented as well as addressing nervous system activation. There are brief modality descriptions and links on the following pages.

These days there is a constant stream of new and exciting modalities, each claiming to be the next miracle to address various forms of suffering. And while the latest neurobiological studies and methods are amazing, they continue to reinforce the importance of the relationship between client and therapist and client motivation. I’ve been working with people for 30 years and I’ve also seen this to be true.

Prospective clients often ask me what a session would “look like”. Sessions really are tailored to how you want to access your inner world, and you are welcome to come in and experiment. You are also welcome to come in and talk without a method in mind.

As you review the following pages that describe some of my areas of interest and study, please keep in mind that those things may not end up being the most important determinants of what will end up being a safe and helpful therapeutic relationship.

I offer free initial telephone consultation or a 15 minute in-person meeting if that would be helpful.

Art by Lake Oswego art therapist Linda Zahavi