Spiritual Direction

Many people are hungry for more spiritual connection, whether they are eclectic, interfaith, or religion-specific in their spiritual beliefs, understanding and experiences.   Meeting with a spiritual director may be right for you if you are experiencing this longing for exploring how spirituality is flowing in your life.  You might also describe this longing as wanting to be more in alignment with the universe.  Or you might describe it as wanting to develop more mindfulness or awareness of your highest and deepest self, that part of you that knows you are connected to everything.  You may want to develop a meditation or prayer practice.  You may want to discuss spiritual communities or develop a personal spiritual practice.  You may feel like a spiritual life is the missing piece for you.

Your session is completely driven by the story of your spiritual journey, your background and needs.  You get to reflect on your life as we sit together, in sacred space, and witness the unfolding that wants to happen.

Please see the website for Spiritual Directors International for more definitions and how Spiritual Direction differs from counseling or therapy.

You are welcome to use art materials in your Spiritual Direction sessions to deeper your process. This can include meditation/reflection cards, mandala art or free-form use of art media.